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A companion package for calmr

If you are not a programmer or simply want a GUI to get quick simulations done, you might be interested in using the package.

The package offers a GUI that allows you to simulate experiments without writing any code.

If you are new to the app, make sure to activate the help mode. Under that mode, the app will display descriptive text explaining the basics.

For non-programmers

If you want to use the online app, you can find it at

For programmers

You can install the package from its Github repository, while also making sure you’re running the last version of the calmr package:

devtools::install_github("victor-navarro/calmr") #CRAN version lags behind

Afterwards, you can launch the app via :

A final message

Hope you enjoy the app! If you find any bugs, have comments, or would like something implemented, feel free to post a message on the package’s Github repository or drop me a line at navarrov [at]