Hi there, I’m Victor. I am a Senior Research Fellow at Cardiff University using experimental methods and mathematical formalism to study learning processes in human and non-human animals. What about you?

Feel free to explore around. Hope you enjoy your stay!


Mar 20, 2024 Our work applying HeiDI to the acquisition and extinction of autoshaping in rats was accepted for publication in NLM.
Mar 14, 2024 My R package calmr is now on CRAN
Jan 31, 2024 Our work on a rodent model of blast-mediated traumatic brain injury, and its cognitive sequelae, was accepted for publication in Heliyon.
Jan 16, 2024 We published a novel account of delusions inspired by hybrid predictive coding @ Lancet Psychiatry
Oct 15, 2023 My first PhD student began her studentship. Best of luck, Magda!

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