Mar 20, 2024 Our work applying HeiDI to the acquisition and extinction of autoshaping in rats was accepted for publication in NLM.
Mar 14, 2024 My R package calmr is now on CRAN
Jan 31, 2024 Our work on a rodent model of blast-mediated traumatic brain injury, and its cognitive sequelae, was accepted for publication in Heliyon.
Jan 16, 2024 We published a novel account of delusions inspired by hybrid predictive coding @ Lancet Psychiatry
Oct 15, 2023 My first PhD student began her studentship. Best of luck, Magda!
Jun 05, 2023 Started my Fellowship @ Cardiff University, developing GAN tools for Cognitive Science!
Jan 05, 2022 Started a post @ Cardiff University collaborating with Professors Rob Honey and Dom Dwyer.