CEMC simulator repository available at github

Trying out github

I have decided to learn the ways of git and make some of my work publicly available in github. You can check what I’m publicly developing at my page. Now it is pretty much empty, as I’m using it to host this blog’s files, and a repository for a simulator I developed a while ago.

The Common-elements model of object categorization learning

What a long name. This model was developed by a fellow Chilean scholar, Fabian Soto, and my boss, Edward Wasserman, a few years ago, in order to explain how conceptualization with natural categories is acquired and expressed. It has been successful in predicting prime findings in categorization learning, and also new ones.

I developed the simulator in R, as it gave me the opportunity to learn the basics of that programming language. Additionally, I wanted to make something accessible for more users (you can download and hack your version of R, freely).

The simulator code is rather ugly (I’m a novice programmer), and the whole thing lacks a GUI, but it can be used to simulate simple experiments and has a fair share of customizability. I will probably keep developing it as different needs arise, and in each iteration I’ll try to improve the usability of it. Feel free to use it, fork it, and contribute as much as you want.

You can find the simulator’s repository here, and download the paper that describes the inner workings of the model over here.

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